The Divelog

Divelog - Easy going edition


This personal project responds to the need for crafting a personalized log book that would suit my diving skills and level. Once I became a certified diver, I noticed that there were many logbooks either too busy or too empty (both at a content and visual level). My aim was to create a dive-log that would cover the basic data to track after any immersion and analyze and ultimately create a design that would suit the purpose of these kinds of books.

As this is still an ongoing project, the next step is to go deeper into this research and find a better solution for other kinds of scuba diving logbooks.

Project Details
  • Autor: Andrea Lagunas
  • Date: June, 2017

The logo of the divelog
The grey divelog version
The creation process
Concept of the final logo
Color Palette
The yellow version
The font used for the divelog
Personal information and contact form
Cover and contact page layout
The divelog
The diving form
Legend and diving form layout
A zoom-in on the legend page
Detailed icons displayed on the legend page
The blue version of the divelog