Icon set

Creation of a full icon system in order to have a common library between Marketing and Product. The icon set will consist of 3 sets of the same icons that will grow from 16 to 28 to 40px. Each set allows 2 extra sizes (counting by 4px each time): 16px icon-set for 20 and 24px, then the 28 icon-set for 32 and 36px and finally the 40px set that could get to 44px and 48px too. As the icons grow and reach their breaking points, they slowly start gaining more details and better-defined shapes.

The phone screens are simply meant to show the icons live as well as to give a better view of the full project. The prototypes shown in this presentation hasn't been designed by me, my responsibility within this project was to develop the icons.

Navigation Icons' Descriptions
Login Screens
Medical Icons
Icon sizes and its applications
Settings screens

Other uses of the icons

Signage with the liberty statue to identify the meeting room called New York.

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